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Wedding Reception Planning List

Wedding Reception Planning Guide

We perform for more weddings in St. Louis than any other band with over 1,000 wedding performances in our past so we've seen just about every possible scenario imaginable. We'll bring all of that experience with us to help answer questions and plan your unique family event as well as make the evening as successful as possible to match your vision of the reception. Toward this goal, we offer a free 1-on-1 consultation for each of our clients (if desired) so that we can get together and go over the unique details for your wedding. We have ideas and answers for anything you need.

We would be happy to do as much or as little emceeing as you would like. You can provide most of the important information by completing and returning our questionnaire that we will provide to you after you have booked the band. It's a very comprehensive tool and if you use it to plan your wedding, we will have everything that we need to deliver exactly what you want that night. You can also amend your information at any time as your plans evolve and we'll update your file so that nothing is neglected. Some of the basic information that we request on our questionnaire are:

  1. Wedding Ceremony Music: We offer musicians, vocalists, and even sound system options specifically designed for ceremonies so you can have any of these features included for your ceremony.

  2. Cocktail & Dinner Music: We have several options available so we can provide anything that you would like for this part of the evening.

  3. Wedding Party Introductions? If so, we'll prepare wedding party names (paired up and in order).

  4. Welcome Speech? Usually performed by the bride's father and mother or both sets of parents. Most often this speech is delivered by the bride's parents and the groom's parents deliver their speech earlier at the rehearsal dinner.

  5. Blessing? Who?

  6. Toasts? Who and when? Near the end of dinner works best but anything can be done here.

  7. First dance: What song?

  8. Father/Bride Dance? Will the bride dance with her father? What song?

  9. Mother/Groom Dance? Will the groom dance with his mother? What song?

  10. Garter and/or Bouquet Toss? Both, one, none?

  11. Special Requests? Any ethnic traditions we should know about?

  12. Music: Any particular songs or styles of music you would like performed (or avoided)?

Song Requests

We post our song list publicly and we do welcome feedback in terms of song requests or songs that we are asked to not play during a reception.  In terms of special dances (Married Couple & dances with their parents) we are happy to learn a song or two if that will help make the night special for you.  For the dancing portion of the evening, we do welcome suggestions and do our best to perform them.  

Please consider the following when making suggestions songs for the band to play or to not play.  
  1. The songs the band performs are for all participants attending your wedding and the goal is to play something for everybody to get them involved in the dancing and enjoyment of the music.  You may not be a fan of "country" music, but most certainly you'll have country music fans at your wedding.  As our nameake Spectrum implies, our song list is specifically designed for us to perform multiple styles of music so everyone will hear something that they like.  We are at our best when we have younger people dancing to Dean Martin, and the more experienced attendees dancing to Lady Gaga.  
  2. When we perform at your wedding, we are presenting a show.  That show involves multiple musicians performing as one and how we do that is really quite complex.  Fortunately, we have the experience of playing literally hundreds of weddings and developed best practices during that time that will benefit your reception!  A big part of our show is taking into account your song requests, and reading the crowd to pick the best songs possible to play to fill the dance floor up and keep people dancing and having fun.  It is important to remember, when looking back on your reception your guests will remember the fun they had dancing and having fun with each other, and not necessarily what song the band played or didn't play.  With that in mind, you are welcome to tell us what songs you like or don't like, but it is not necessary to feel compelled to pick every song we'll play or won't play.  The more limitations put on the band in terms of song selection, the more difficult it is for us to read the crowd to get them up on the dance floor and having fun.  

Receiving Lines

Just a word about receiving lines: They work best at the church where the guests are more or less forced to keep their trip through the line brief and their conversation short. At the reception where the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, guests take a longer time to pass through. The lines last longer than anticipated and it pushes the timeline back resulting in a later dinner and less time on the dance floor. You'll be visiting with your guests during the cocktail hour and if you make it a quick meet-and-greet, you'll see everyone. Also, you'll have an opportunity to finish your meal and then walk around the room together as husband & wife and speak to guests at each table. That works well to personalize your conversation with each guest on a table-by-table visit.

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